My son started seeing Bronwyn at a time when as parents we were totally desperate for some professional guidance.

Our darling boy battles with verbal dyspraxia and a host of related issues. Emotionally he was not coping in his main stream school environment. As a result there were behavioural issues at home and the relationship within the family was strained.

Not only did he form an instant bond with Bronwyn and look forward to his weekly sessions, Bronwyn was an amazing support to me and the rest of the family.

Her kind, compassionate manner enabled our son to really open up and communicate his feelings through play for the first time. This was a breakthrough for us as a family and we could finally deal with the deep emotional issues he was dealing with as a result of his condition.

On Bronwyn’s professional advice, we moved him to a remedial school, which was a MASSIVE and heart breaking decision. Throughout this transition, our son was carried through emotionally with the support of his weekly play
therapy sessions.

After a rough few settling down months, we drop off a HAPPY, secure and more confident boy at school every day. What more can parents ask for!

Thank you Bronwyn for all your support, advice and guidance.


Dear Bronwyn

We would like to thank you for your everything you did for our little girl.

She had been through an extremely testing time with lots of change and you provided a safe place for her where she could have one on one time, undivided attention ( which is often difficult for parents with three kids) and she was able to express her feelings through play.

You Made her feel secure and gave her a happy ‘safe’ place to play and talk. You were/ are a very special friend to her and someone she loves and trusts very much.

She has grown, become more confident and secure within herself.  She is a very strong willed but anxious little girl by nature who needs to be in control of a situation constantly. Through your guidance we are now able to recognize the signs better and are able to help her express herself and handle certain situations better.

You went far beyond the call of duty and for that we are eternally grateful!
We appreciate your love and support very much.


“Dear Bronwyn We wish to thank you for your assistance with our Matthew. He has grown, become more confident and secure within himself. He is a shy and sensitive boy, and thanks to your insight and guidance, we, as parents, have learnt how to acknowledge and encourage him to express himself. Matthew has grown so fond of you, and although he knows that he will no longer see you on a weekly basis, he is secure in the fact that you will still always be his “special” friend. A huge thank you!”

-Tammy and Chris, Cape Town, South Africa


“Dear Bronwyn We are extremely pleased with Oliver’s change in attitude towards us, his twin sister, and peers. After 24 sessions of play therapy, we want to thank you for helping and guiding us as a family with regards to the problems. I would highly recommend you and your play therapy to other parents who need your help and guidance.”

-Nick and Mandy, Cape Town, South Africa 



“Connor was diagnosed with Perthes towards the end of April 2011.  A disease that made him limp, caused pain and discomfort and now made him just that little bit different from the other children in his class.

Naturally he is a very active, happy, non-confrontational chap, but slowly we noticed a change – ever so subtle to start with.  He was exceptionally noisy at home, played in a very rough manner with his sister, was snappy and started being aggressive with his classmates and what seemed to bother him the most was he couldn’t explain why, it all upset him so much too.

After chatting with his teacher we decided to pursue Play Therapy – something I had never heard of! And to be honest, I was a little skeptical!  I met with Bronwyn and was immediately put at ease.  Connor took to Bronwyn immediately and I followed the rules very carefully.  We allowed Connor to experience his play sessions without being nosey, without loads of questions.  He came out of every session with a beaming smile and full of positive energy.

After  several sessions Connor started to sing again – something we had missed, he became affectionate and would come to us on his own to give us a hug or tell us he loved us. After our 12 sessions we have our little boy back, we know the reason for his outbursts, he has learnt to express his frustrations but more than that we know WHY!

He still has pain, he still has his bad and good days… but he has been given the tools to cope with the emotional side of the discomfort.

When he smiles – our hearts sing!  Thanks to Bronwyn for lifting a dark cloud!”

-Connor’s Mother, Cape Town, South Africa


“Dear Bronwyn Thank-you for helping my son. I am so pleased to say that his habit has disappeared totally with the help of your therapy. It was not only a pleasure to work with you, but my son absolutely loved the working environment (playroom) and could not wait to see you. This made me even happier to send him to you. You not only isolated the problem but you helped me understand a few issues that my son was trying to cope with and due to this helped both of us with strengthening our relationship. Thank-you once again for helping my son – I will recommend your therapy at any given chance.”

-Mother, Cape Town, South Africa


“Dear Bronwyn We are pleased to say that our daughter’s interaction with her peers, and with us, has noticeably improved after a mere 12 sessions in your play therapy.  You have isolated the problem, and guided both her and us in dealing with the issue. We are appreciative of your assistance and won’t hesitate to refer you and your play therapy to other parents requiring your valued guidance. Regards,

-Chris and Michelle, Cape Town, South Africa


“I had the privilege of working with Bronwyn whilst she was training as a play therapist. This enabled me to experience first hand her warm, caring nature and her commitment to working with children. She truly believes in the power of play therapy, always showing a dedication and eagerness to learn and develop her own skills. Bronwyn has respect and empathy for children; she is both down to earth and professional in nature. I have no doubt her practice will thrive, and her passion for play therapy will be at the heart of its success.”

-Katherine Kapadia, Counsellor, London, U.K.


“Bronwyn was an exemplary trainee on the MA Play Therapy Programme at Roehampton University, London, England. Throughout the course she demonstrated eager enthusiasm for her learning, at both theoretical and clinical level, and a commendably diligent approach to all her coursework. Her personal qualities of charismatic cheerfulness combined with insightful, self-reflective thoughtfulness and empathy, made her an ideal Play Therapy Student. I am sure she will contribute hugely to the future of Play Therapy in South Africa – I only wish we could have retained her in the U.K!”

Lisa Gordon Clark, MA Play Therapy Co-coordinator, University of Roehampton, U.K.


“Bronwyn was a very able and creative student with a passion to help disadvantaged and abused children. She is a welcome recruit to the play therapy profession.”

Dr Steve Farnfield, Senior Lecturer in Attachment Studies & Play Therapy, University of Roehampton, U.K.


“Bronwyn is an amazing person who will give you, as a parent, the critical confidence you need; and most importantly she will assist in giving your child a happy and carefree childhood. She is wonderful at the job that she has chosen to do and I believe it is her vocation in life. Bronwyn came into my daughter’s life 18 months ago via the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) officer at my daughter’s school. My beautiful daughter had witnessed severe domestic violence all her life to the point where to her it was normal. As a mother I hadn’t helped, I had left her father and gone back to him so many times that my daughter was confused and angry. We needed Bronwyn!

I, as a mother, had let my daughter down – my daughter was trying to be the adult in our relationship, hitting me, shouting at me, controlling what we did as a family, and shouting at her little brother all the time, like she was the adult. It didn’t stop at me; she was rude to her teachers and rude to other adults. I walked on eggshells around her all the time, all she ever used to say was, “I want my dad” and, “When can I see him?” and worst of all, “I don’t love you.” I cannot express how hard life was with this very angry little child. We were safe, he was miles away, she had seen what he had done, but she still wanted him (or so I thought).

Then we met Bronwyn… YAY! I was very worried that she would judge me as a bad parent, but she was so friendly and soon worked her magic. She completely put me at ease. She explained how play therapy worked, and what she would do to try and help my daughter. I was fully informed about the whole process. The rules were set in place – the main rule and the hardest rule to understand is not to ask your child about these sessions. As a mother you want to know everything, but Bronwyn explained that I really should not ask. Every six weeks, Bronwyn conducted a review where she updated me on the process. But in the meantime, I had to learn not to push my child. I learnt that this was her time – in a place that felt safe for her.

So it began… Once a week for 32 weeks, my angry little girl went to see Bronwyn, in her play therapy room. Bronwyn did tell me that it might get worse before it got better… She was right! It took my daughter a few weeks to build up her trust in Bronwyn, but when it happened, so did the change. After 6 weeks we had out first meeting, I listened and took on board all that she said to me, she explained just how my daughter was feeling, and what she had observed in their sessions together. Bronwyn and I worked together, moving forward as a team.

Bronwyn, in her gentle way, helped my daughter understand that her feelings were acceptable, but her behaviour was not. She has helped her understand empathy and problem solving, how to cope, how to communicate and talk about her feelings, and how to make the right choices in life. Most importantly how to trust in her Mummy once again. It was a long hard road but in the end we got there.

Now my beautiful little girl is just that. She doesn’t worry about things anymore; she knows that I am in control. She is polite to adults, which is a great relief to me. She doesn’t want her own way all the time. She tells me she loves me – and is an absolute joy to have in my life. All this is a total credit to Bronwyn’s hard work and dedication, as well as my own. Without Bronwyn’s help I don’t know where we would be right now. I truly recommend Bronwyn, and the play therapy she provides, and to any parent concerned about their child’s behavioural issues. She is a wonderful caring lady, who will respect your situation. She will not judge you or tell you what to do; she will just help you and guide you in the right direction. The rest is up to you. Thank you Bronwyn!”

Mother of a 9-year-old girl, Surrey.


“Bronwyn has worked directly with 3 children at the school and has spent time observing further children within the nursery classes. Bronwyn is a good communicator and has demonstrated an ability to listen and converse with all adults and children. Bronwyn has a passion for working with children, which is evident to both staff and parents. Bronwyn has shown her ability to tackle difficult situations, showing her compassion whilst remaining calm and precise about the details. The school has valued the work that Bronwyn has completed at the school and feel sure that she will continue to blossom as a play therapist. We wish her every success with her future career.”

Inclusion Leader of an Infant and Nursery School, Walton-upon-Thames, Surrey.


“My daughter was referred to Bronwyn for play therapy by the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) of her school. She was a bit worried at the beginning but soon warmed up to Bronwyn. Play therapy helped her so much, and we were able to learn how to deal with difficult situations. Thank you so much Bronwyn for your kindness, caring and professional understanding that helped my daughter enormously.”

Mother of an 8-year-old girl, London.